Taraleigh’s Blog Has Been Taken Over!…

Taraleigh’s Blog Has Been Taken Over!…

Hi, readers! My name is Nicole Handel, and I am taking over Taraleigh’s blog for the day, while she is soaking up sun and moving her body in beautiful Costa Rica! I wanted to share with you all a little bit about happiness and service, as well as a way for you to tune-in to your own gratitude through reflection.

Happiness in Helping: 

When people ask me what I believe in, or what I believe is the root of happiness, all I know is to speak from experience. Thus, I tell them that I believe in wanderlust: that nagging urge to go, to explore, to fly, to soar. Wanderlust is not a simple wish or curiosity to experience new places and things. Wanderlust is both the angel and the devil on each shoulder and in your head and in your every waking moment that repeats a meditative, unignorable mantra: “Journey, journey, journey, journey” into infinity. Wanderlust is not for everyone; it manifests itself in the audacious, the courageous, the imprudent, the undismayed, and above all, the spirited.

It is a strong case of wanderlust that provokes the 2AM flight to Uganda with but a month’s notice; it is that same case of wanderlust that leaves the thinking, the planning, the financing to after the flight booking. Therefore, wanderlust does not have time for the technicality of the world and its demands; wanderlust has only time for the world.  It is on account of wanderlust that the most unexpected aspirations paint themselves a place in your heart, and that the platform for living– truly living— is built, stick by stick.
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A Little to the Left…Ohhhh Yeah!

I often talk about manifesting the things you want to have in your life. I’m going to share a story with you about  how I am manifesting my dream home as you read this…it’s happening right now and I’m manifesting the crap out of it.
This horse is manifesting too ❤
I called my realtor up and said, “There are these condos on the lake I am going to live in one day. I see there is one for sale. I don’t have enough money in this moment to buy that one, but I am planning on living in the complex in the next 1~5 years. I need to stand in the space so I can feel what our feels like to live there so I can decide if it’s something I really want to manifest. Don’t make it a priority since I’m not going to buy at this time.”He said, “I’ve never wanted to show a property to someone more than I want to show this one to you.”

We get there and when I get in the space I know right away I’m going to live in the complex but in a unit over to the left.

My realtor says, “Well then. If that’s the case we’ve gotta get a picture of you in your yard so you can manifest it properly.”

aMe in my yard ❤
He totally got it. He lives on the lake too and told me a couple of years ago, he did the same thing as me.Wow!

If there is something you want to manifest into your life feel what it would be like to have whatever that is right here right now.
Can you feel it?  <<<Tweet if you do
Here’s the challenge I have for you.
Pick one thing in your life you want and feel it with every cell of your being.
Picture yourself having whatever it is right now.
Release attachment to the how or when.
Let the Universe do it’s thing.
Share with me by joining the conversation at the bottom of the blog, what it is you’re manifesting so you have proof.
My soul sisters (Cora Poage, Richele Henry + Suzanne Boothby) are leading a Soul Tribe Retreat July 23-27, on Heavenly Mountain (yes, that’s a real place) in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This photo is the view from the retreat center…amazing, right!?!?!

Imagine a long weekend of diving deep,connecting with your heart and allowing the energy of your tribe to bring you back into alignment.

For more details, click here and enter your contact info into the form here and we will share the details as the time gets closer.


That crazy-pee-in-your-pants-jumping-out-of-your-skin excitement

aI get crazy-pee-in-my-pants-jumping-out-of-my-skin excited when people have a vision and work hard with ease to make it happen. And they allow it to all unfold with divine timing. I remember years and years ago my friend Shannon sharing with me his epic-big-wild dream. He faced many obstacles that got in the way , but he persevered and stayed true to his vision. What happened was he created one of the most unique, magical and special musical events of our time. I reached out to him and asked if I could interview him and he said yes! I knew what he had to share would be mega-inspiring…and I was right.

Me: What is your big WHY for doing Rock-n-Roll Resort?

 Shannon: Being part of the crew for the first 10 Jam Cruises, I knew that it was something so magical and special and it was something that everyone had to experience firsthand.  I have friends who are teachers and accountants who really wanted to go and for them it’s a difficult time of year to take that time off.  Some of my friends craved the experience of Jam Cruise, but they can’t handle being on a boat. I found that many people who really wanted to be there simply couldn’t afford the adventure.  After year 2 of working on the boat, I had the initial idea while having a conversation with a friend.  I immediately ran out and bought up every derivation of the .com I could find.  I was truly fortunate someone hadn’t already acquired the name, as the title truly just speaks for itself.  I mean, “Rock n Roll Resort!” Doesn’t it seem to capture your attention and plant the visions right in your mind?

 Me: Yes. It absolutely does. Having a grand vision is awesome and often you face obstacles when trying to make it come to life. What was an obstacle you faced when trying to get RRR off the ground and how did you overcome it? 

 Shannon: My biggest obstacle initially was that 4 years after grabbing the .coms, I still wasn’t in a financial position where I was able to invest into something so grand.  It was really difficult having such a dream, but not being able to execute it.  The next issue I ran into was that someone took my idea. I was so disappointed. Not that there isn’t enough room for everyone to throw their own event throughout the country or anything, but this event was called “Rock The Resort” and was within the radius  I wanted to be in.  After their first year I heard nothing but rave reviews of the event.  I was a little bummed, but I knew it was just a sign it wasn’t my time yet.  Unfortunately for the other guys, they found themselves in a situation after their 2nd event, preventing them to continue on to produce a 3rd event.

It was now my time!  With my experience, knowledge, and the powers that be, I was given the signs that it was now time to make something happen.  As well,  and I feel a little bad saying this, but I was able to run on the previous guys coat tails and use some of the steam and momentum that he had developed for his awesome event.  Even to this day I still have guests calling Rock n Roll Resort, Rock The Resort.  At first I wasn’t happy about it, but 4 years later I’m now cool with that.  After all, if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.

 Me: Everything happens with divine timing. Always. So what advice would you give to people who have a big dream and feel stuck?

 Shannon: Well unfortunately I feel like the system of ‘humanity in the United States’ really puts a damper on people with big dreams.  When you’re younger you have dreams of becoming an actor or a musician or a fireman or even an astronaut; I feel as though as you grow up you start believing what you’re told by those around you even if it’s not the truth.  You start thinking only the super beautiful people become actors or that only super talented people become musicians or artists.  It wasn’t until I became a young adult myself that I realized not all musicians are super talented (LOL) and not all actors are incredibly beautiful.  I’ve learned a lot throughout my experience as a human being and if there was one thing I would say to help keep people motivated it’s if you’re willing to dedicate an hour or more of your day towards your passion, you will become a master of your art.  No matter how good you are at your art, there’s always going to be someone who’s better.  Don’t ever stop reaching for the apex of your dreams, even if those around you are better than you!  If anything, that’s a sign that you’re getting closer to your realization. It won’t be an easy path and there will be plenty of obstacles in your way, but use the motivation and energy of the positive people around you who support your dreams (like Taraleigh) to fill yourself with the drive. Never stop becoming better at who you are and what you are.  You’ll find yourself becoming a better person and you’ll start seeing yourself realizing your dreams!

 aMe: Yes!!!  There are no new ideas, but what makes things new, fresh and unique is that it’s YOU that’s doing them. <<<Tweet if you agree.  No one else is you. How awesome is that?!?!  I know…it’s so awesome.  Alright, please share a moment from RRR when you looked around and thought, “Holy crap.  I made this happen!!!”

Shannon: In all honesty, I get that exact feeling every time I walk inside Hudson Valley Resort, festival or not.  I’ve provided jobs for the staff at the resort and have helped keep the doors open during a time when more and more of these iconic pieces of history are closing down.

It was in 2011 and shortly after my first RRR when I had my first HOLY CRAP moment.  A friend and I were discussing the event and reviewing every little detail. We were talking about how it was such an amazing experience, how we couldn’t wait until the next one and who would make for great headliners.  It was at that moment when my friend said, “Dude, it’s your event.  Why don’t you just throw another one?”

Up until that moment, and even still now, I see it as everyone’s event.  It’s truly the collective of mature adults, professional partiers and incredibly thrilled artists and staff that keep me going at it.  And now it’s all falling into place, one resort at a time.

Me: Yes yes yes!!!  We are all RRR. I feel it when I’m there. It’s like you created this amazing event just for us no matter where we come from, what our circumstances are, how old we are or what we look like. It’s for ALL of us. Thank you for creating magic Shannon!!!!  

Go to Shannon’s epic event. Click the banner to purchase tickets and get your ass there!


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  • Daily Happy Hour Activities

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Let’s Create Some Drama

Are you being a drama king/queen?

If so, bitch slap yourself! Just kidding. Kind of.


I used to be a major drama queen when someone asked me, “What are you getting out the drama?”

At first I was like, “Yo lady. I’m not getting anything out of the drama. It’s just happening to me. It’s not my fault.” She was like, “You are getting something out of it otherwise you wouldn’t be creating it.”

Doh! She was right and I was petrified to admit it.

What was I getting out of the drama? Actually, lots of things.

The highs and the lows were thrilling.

By focusing on drama filled relationships I shifted focus away from going big myself.

I was always “fixing” everyone else’s stuff to avoid working on my own stuff.

Pleasing other people instead of myself made me think they would like me and that was really important because if they didn’t like me there must be something wrong with me and that was scary.

Trying to make other people happy was easier than doing things to make myself happy.

My life wasn’t all unicorns and sparkles like I wanted it to be perceived as and I was embarrassed so I kept pretending and creating more and more dramatic situations.

 I lived in a constant state of drama and I caused it in many of the people I loved lives. I would cause screaming matches with roommates, say really mean things to friends I loved and I would call out of work last minute because I was exhausted from all the drama which caused more drama. All of the drama in my life caused me to be dramatic in all areas of my life and I was choosing to stay in it.

If you are being a drama king/queen you aren’t an asshole, but it’s time to stop acting like one. <<<tweet if you agree


I had to take a  hard look at why I was acting the way I was. I had to look at what I was avoiding by bringing drama into my life.  It’s dark, scary and ugly, but it was part of me.  By shining a light on those parts instead of avoiding them I was able to clear them up and set them free.

If you can relate to my reasons for being a drama queen I challenge you ask yourself,“What are you getting out of the drama?”

 You don’t need to create drama to avoid going big in all areas of your life. It doesn’t serve you. It’s time to not only embrace and be in the flow, but to become the flow.
I am here for you and so are my soul tribe sisters Cora Poage, Suzanne Boothby and Richele Henry. If you are creating drama in your life it’s time to take some soul-centered action.a
Mark Your Calendar: FREE call this Wed., March 12 at 12 p.m. E.T.
Our focus for March will be Soul-Centered Action.
We’ll be asking the question: What does your soul want? (I sense your soul doesn’t want to be bogged down with drama)You can start now by thinking about your desires and some of the actions that you could take to align with your highest truth. Come to the call with ideas so we can help you move in the direction of your desires.Help us spread the love by being on the call and inviting your friends!REGISTER FOR THE NEXT FREE LIVE CALL HERE 

Wanna connect with us before March 12th? 
Join us here in our community Facebook group

The awesome in me bows to the awesome in you.

My Life Sucks!!

To tell you the truth my life doesn’t suck at all. Sure there are sucky things that happen in my life once in a while. I have found even if I don’t see it in the moment, there is a miracle and lesson happening in there somewhere.

Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens for you. <<<Tweet if you agree

Many people don’t want to admit that they want be happy. They love to give you sympathy. People love to revel in the darkness with you. We don’t live in a culture that celebrates happiness. Even on your birthday you’ll get more likes on your FB page if you say how you had the worst day ever than if you told everyone how awesome your life is going.

If you title your blog post “My life sucks” you get more hits than if you titled it “My life rocks!”

Together we can change the status quo.

If you’re in for change, share some of the awesome things happening in your life right now that you are grateful for and proud of my joining the conversation at the bottom of this post.  Share this blog on social media and ask your friends to do the same.

I’m not saying to put sparkles on poop and pretend everything is great if it doesn’t feel great right now. I’m saying to celebrate what is great…and everyone has at least a couple of things that are great in their lives.

The awesome in me bows to the awesome in you.


Don’t Ever Change

I love this quote by Heraclitus. “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” 


I posted this status update. It caused a lot of discussion.

I see a lot of people complaining about the Bonnaroo line-up. They have evolved and expanded just like we humans do. Sometimes we grow together and sometimes we grow apart. It’s not a bad thing. If you’re not into it think of all the possibilities you now have with your time and resources! Woohoo!

Some responses looked like this:

“There’s evolving, and then there’s selling out. MTV now owns Bonarroo, so there’s not going to be many positive things to say about it anymore. It’s sad how Continue reading

I Wish I Had Your Butt


Why is when women hang with other women something kicks in that makes them hate on their own bodies?

I was at a clothing swap and I heard,

“I wish I had your butt.”
“My chest is way too small.”
“My stomach is flabby and gross.”
“I have huge thighs.”

I looked around at these women and they were all beautiful. Seriously. They were super hot!

I said, “What if we decided from this point on not to hate on our bodies and only talk about what we love about them instead?”

It seemed hard for them. It’s felt almost taboo to say, “My ass is freakin fabulous.” But it’s not taboo. It’s body love and body love rocks!!!!

Everyone has imperfections and that’s what makes us perfect. <<<Tweet and inspire 

It’s impossible to love your outsides Continue reading

Just Throw in the Towel Already

You know how when you really want something and you do everything in your power to MANIFEST THE SH*T out of it, but it doesn’t happen?

You may think, “What the heck? I’ve watched The Secret. Why isn’t it working for me?”

You may get frustrated and “throw in the towel.”

By “giving up” and “surrendering” you release attachment to the outcome which is a huge key in manifesting.

Once you let go of “needing” to have this thing you will usually find that you will receive exactly what you wanted on an even bigger level than you ever could have imagined and it happens at the perfect time. 

Trust baby trust…let it go and surrender to the flow. 

Want to know something else that’s crazy town?  We are always manifesting.  All the time.

You are manifesting right now! <<Tweet it!

Each thought that comes into our brain has an energy to it that surrounds our physical body. When it comes to this energy like attracts like…so if you think, Continue reading

I Triple Dog Dare You Not to Laugh

There is an old saying that goes, “Laughter is the best medicine,” and I 100% agree. I found a great article on the helpguide.org called, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”  Here are the key points from the article.

Laughter is good for your health and this is why…

Laughter relaxes the body. After a good laugh your muscles stay relaxed for 45 minutes after.

Laughter boosts your immune system.

Laughter releases the feel good hormones. Releasing this hormones is known to reduce pain and promote an over feeling of well-being.

Laughter protects the heart.

Here is a list of the general benefits of laughter. Woohoo Haha! Continue reading